How to enter

How to enter



Voter categories

The FX Week Asia Awards survey is open to any Asia-Pacific based foreign exchange end-user, including dealers, brokers, institutional investors and corporations, and is open from 31/05/2018 until 06/07/2018.

Votes will be weighted, with three points for a first place, two points for second and one for third. Only categories with a sufficient number of votes are included in the final poll. The poll is not designed to reflect volumes traded in any particular market and is therefore not necessarily a direct reflection of market share - voters could base their decisions on a variety of criteria, including pricing, liquidity provision, counterparty risk, speed of execution and reliability. In that sense, this poll should be considered a reflection of how foreign exchange professionals view their peers in terms of overall quality of service. When aggregating the votes, we look to strip out what we consider to be invalid votes. These include people voting for their own firm, multiple votes from the same person or IP address, proxy votes, votes from people using Hotmail or Gmail accounts, votes by people who choose the same firm indiscriminately throughout the poll, votes by people who clearly do not trade the product, and block votes from groups of people on the same desk at the same institution voting for the same firm. Any votes by people outside the Asia Pacific region will be excluded.
The editor's decision is final.

Our full survey rules can be found here


Call for entry categories

Three of our awards will be submission-based, where companies are invited to enter the judging process with a maximum 600 word entry. Participating entries are encouraged to submit supporting documents, including videos, demos and any miscellaneous facts, as attachments to the 600 word entries.

Throughout the process, judges will be looking for entries demonstrating innovative ideas implemented in a practical way for solving issues for clients. The judging will take place immediately after the submissions process closes.


The winners will be announced at the awards dinner following our FX Week Asia conference on August 29th, in Singapore.